Monday, September 27, 2010


I am not a fighter. I'd rather not argue, I don't like it. So it really takes someone really annoying to make me get angry.

I never fought with my ex-boyfriend. Not once. In over two years. We'd have disagreements, sure, but we talk it out like civilized people.

Things we have disagreed about:
- Which way the zoo exit was
- Donating to World Vision
- Various ethical cases I have to do for schoolwork
- Spending less money
- Spending too much time with a boy

We didn't even fight when we broke up. He just got sad. And we talked for a long time.

That's why we were perfect for each other. We both have that easy-going, laid back attitude. Things don't get our panties in a bunch. There's nothing worth getting angry over. Be adults.

And I do get into fights with other people. They do get me angry. Usually because they are so close-minded, ignorant, or just a jerk in general. If you're not any of those things, I wouldn't get angry. So yes, it is your fault.

Site I found: Things my girlfriend and I fight about

  • Just for reference; if Margret returns from having her hair cut and says, 'What do you think?' and you reply, 'I'd love you whatever your hair was like,' well, that's very much The Wrong Answer, OK?
So true!

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